Most-liked Stories From Women Author
11 minutes

Silver Dreams


"The beginning is you ,and so is the end Fret not now my love, this is not the end" Sometimes lo...

3 minutes

She Killed Him


Myra, while travelling home from work by bus gets a seat near an old woman who begins to cry on seei...

10 minutes

A Shattered Illusion


Amelia was apprehensive to go partying but, she never imagined the events of the party would change ...

9 minutes

The Heart that Closed its Doors


There it stood! The large, glass mirror atop the drawer. The mirror that spoke to her soul, drew he...

4 minutes

I found him


do you believe in finding a soul mate? Don't you think that the right person will just come along wh...

1 minute

My Choice


She could never become a mother. Until she took a decision that would change her life, forever. It w...

5 minutes

The Match


Can presence prevail in absence? Can happiness be contained in pain? The answer is simple, 'Yes'...

4 minutes

A gift from nature


Every tree you pass by starts whispering your name. What would you have done? Here's what I did and ...

7 minutes

Trapped In My Darkest Nightmare


How nightmares take over real world....

8 minutes



It was Sunday. We all were sitting together in the hall in the afternoon. Then suddenly a phone call...

4 minutes

Surprise Party


Rahul got scared when he could not found his family at home instead he received a letter that they w...

10 minutes

The destined love


A love story that seemed impossible but was destined. He felt the love in her voice as she spoke. No...

9 minutes

Live Strong


Her lungs could breathe the seducing aroma of a man, after ages. ...

10 minutes

Jack and Jill or Gill, what's in a name!


We all know their story, at least the ending. Let's go back to the start. ...

6 minutes

What are words?


The memory of his horror-stricken face as those hurtful, unmeant words left her hardened mouth made ...

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